Engine Air Filter

Engine Air Filter

Engine Air Filters are Very Important to a Vehicles Operation

If Improperly Maintained Could Cause Some Issues

  • Reduced Fuel Economy
  • Reduced Engine Power
  • Improper Combustion of Air/Fuel Mixture
  • Rich Running Conditions

Many manufacturers have different service interval. While these intervals are important to follow it is also important to inspect it from time to time.

Signs Of a Dirty Air Filter

  • Noticed a Change in Fuel Efficiency 
  • Slower Acceleration from a Stop
  • Fuel Smell on First Startup
  • Engine Running Rougher than Usual

How to Inspect Your Air Filter for Replacement

Visual Inspection

  • Air Filter Appears Dirty
  • Filter Media is Damaged
  • Light Transfer Through Filter is Low

Air Filters are a Quick & Easy Way to Keep that Engine Running Smoothly!

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