Common Ricer Mods

Common Ricer Mods

Most Common Ricer Mods

Ricers may look fast but.... They are actually not! Surprise!! ;) 

They are the direct opposite of sleeper cars. Flashy and Bougie at times. Some of the most common ricer mods seen are

  • Loud Exhaust Know as Fart Cans - Completely Useless on Most Cars but creates some loud "COOL" Noises when on the limiter of our 90HP Cars
  • Performance Intake - Also known as Hot Air Intake. Most intakes do casue some cool whistle type wanna be turbo noises but most've the time do not add much performance benefit
  • Body Kits - Mostly fastened by Tie-Straps and or mechanics wire. They really bring out the "Cool" Look of the cars making them look lower and wider
  • Huge Wing - No Not an Airplane Wing! While these CAN be functional, on ricers they are ONLY for looks (Espically on FWD Cars)
  • Stickers - There is no better way to show off how cool you are then a sticker showing your useless Underglow Mod

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